A downloadable game for Windows

The game is a remake of the arcade game atari breakout 1976, which is to break all the colored bricks that are on the screen, by a platform launched from the ball player.The game ends when the player breaks all blocks or lose all lives.. controls :

Mouse platform to move the player to the left or right

Escape key to go to the main menu, s key to save game. Click left mouse to select options in the main menu

Install instructions

The game is downloadable for Windows on a file.exe.

Download Instructions: Run the exe file, follow the instructions, you'll be asked to install and you can install in addition to the game controller direct x, and a shortcut on the desktop after selecting the options put next and install the choices .When ends Then select next and finish open in the directory where he settled the game and enjoy


breakout mariano.exe 3 MB

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